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MessagePosté le: Jeu 4 Aoû - 09:24 (2011)    Sujet du message: New Mode ? Répondre en citant

[09:07:25] <VonGuard> hi
[09:07:54] <VonGuard> so, i just got back from the Riot event is SF, and despite the embargo on the newws, i will tell u anythign you want to know
[09:07:55] <VonGuard> ask me
[09:08:10] <VonGuard> so yeah
[09:08:12] <VonGuard> ask me anything
[09:08:18] <VonGuard> about League of Legends Dominion
[09:08:25] <VonGuard> which they will announce Thursday
[09:08:32] <VonGuard> drunken person breaking news embargo
[09:08:35] <VonGuard> ask me anything
[09:08:57] <VonGuard> dominion is a 5-capture point map, in a circle, with two real lanes and a central "jungle" with no npcs
[09:08:59] <VonGuard> it is fast
[09:09:00] <VonGuard> like
[09:09:03] <VonGuard> really fast
[09:09:04] * Req|workwork is now known as RequiemGG
[09:09:07] <VonGuard> games last 20  minutes
[09:09:17] <VonGuard> and AD is ridiculously overpowered in Dominion
[09:09:26] <VonGuard> i went 31/12/2 as XIn against rioters
[09:09:48] <VonGuard> then 1/10/2 as heimer
[09:09:51] <VonGuard> was embarasssing
[09:09:56] <VonGuard> Dominion is insane
[09:09:57] <VonGuard> anyone?
[09:09:58] <Joulupukki> so it was a new map
[09:09:59] <VonGuard> no one cares?
[09:10:03] <VonGuard> it is a new map
[09:10:07] <Leona> what is this winning streak
[09:10:10] <VonGuard> big circle, 5 capture points
[09:10:15] <Leona> is this what it's like to play with competent people?!
[09:10:15] <Joulupukki> people were just saying something big coming this week
[09:10:20] <VonGuard> ayou start off level 3
[09:10:21] <Joulupukki> and guessing it was finally a new map
[09:10:36] <VonGuard> so, you start level 3, with different items available
[09:10:41] <VonGuard> new map, indeed
[09:10:50] <Joulupukki> so it's both a new map and a game mode
[09:10:55] <VonGuard> but rather than rebalanceing champions, they are rebalancing items
[09:10:59] <VonGuard> new items in new map
[09:11:00] <VonGuard> yep
[09:11:03] <VonGuard> new map, new game mode
[09:11:04] <VonGuard> very shot
[09:11:11] <VonGuard> nothign more than 30 minutes in Dominion
[09:11:30] <Joulupukki> well it is the one big shortcoming that LoL has
[09:11:57] <Joulupukki> only 3v3 and 5v5 with either normal or premade as official game modes
[09:12:00] <VonGuard> 5v5
[09:12:06] <VonGuard> ok
[09:12:12] <VonGuard> so i also have a free Riot Singed skin
[09:12:15] <VonGuard> who wants it?
[09:12:26] <VonGuard> so drunk
[09:12:29] * SCHMANTFRED is now known as SchmantFRED
[09:12:29] <VonGuard> Riot got me drunk
[09:12:33] <VonGuard> i talked their ears off
[09:12:36] <VonGuard> i was the only pro there
[09:12:46] <VonGuard> 31/12/2 as Xin in Dominon, fuck yeah pro
[09:12:56] <VonGuard> FIRST EVER DOMINION GAME
[09:12:59] <VonGuard> remember that
[09:13:10] <VonGuard> dominon wont be out till end of year though
[09:13:22] <VonGuard> also, they will soon buff heimer with somethinfg
[09:13:29] <VonGuard> probably, something to make his missles hit everyone in range
[09:13:37] <Joulupukki> everyone?
[09:13:43] <VonGuard> yeah
[09:13:55] <Joulupukki> like if there's a full creep lane+5 champs
[09:13:58] <Joulupukki> they hit everyone?
[09:14:01] <VonGuard> when someone said" how about having him hit everyone in range,?" the riot guy stopped talking and smiled
[09:14:05] <VonGuard> yep
[09:14:15] * qoyote[OFF] is now known as qoyote
[09:14:17] <VonGuard> i dunnno more details, hjust that theys topped talking when that was suggested
[09:14:24] <Joulupukki> so he's to become the ultimate solo/mid lane
[09:14:28] <VonGuard> i am so breaking the press embargo
[09:14:28] <Joulupukki> impossible to push against
[09:14:40] <VonGuard> yeah, but in dominion, heimer is...... weirtd
[09:14:46] <VonGuard> you'd think he'd be good for defending turret
[09:14:46] * Zombie is now known as zombie
[09:14:48] <VonGuard> s but he is not
[09:14:58] <VonGuard> 31/12/2 as Xin, 1/10/2 as Heimer
[09:15:01] <VonGuard> you figure it out
[09:15:15] <Joulupukki> well turret targetting has been in need of some fixing for a long time
[09:15:26] <Joulupukki> some champs can just turret dive way too easy
[09:15:30] <Inschato> I went like 10/10/25 in my last game as heimer :p
[09:16:13] <Joulupukki> >=) turrets should be able to hit 2 champs at the same time
[09:16:16] <Joulupukki> mwahaha
[09:16:32] <Inschato> They can at rank 5, or mastery'd fortify if you mean those other tournaments Razz
[09:16:34] <VonGuard> sao
[09:16:37] <Inschato> turrets*
[09:16:39] <VonGuard> turrets in dominion
[09:16:45] <VonGuard> they hit you until you click on them to capture them
[09:16:52] <VonGuard> then they stop and slowly tunr towards your side
[09:17:08] <VonGuard> also, dominion has like no bushes at all
[09:17:10] <VonGuard> almost none
[09:17:12] <VonGuard> and no NPCs
[09:17:18] <VonGuard> only some buffs at center and DOTA style runes
[09:17:24] <VonGuard> like, get em and yo heal or move faster
[09:17:34] <VonGuard> also, masteries are changes
[09:17:39] <VonGuard> there is promote, back again
[09:17:53] <VonGuard> and instead of fortify, its garisson whihc buffs yuer turrets and debufgfs theirs
[09:18:02] <VonGuard> they do 75% less damage during farisson
[09:18:05] <VonGuard> garrison
[09:18:13] <VonGuard> and your towers do more damag, and yer minions too
[09:18:21] <VonGuard> kinda like global fortify and rally in one
[09:18:48] <VonGuard> also, on Dominion, global 15% ARMOR penetrartion 5% magic penetration
[09:18:53] <VonGuard> and 5 gold per second
[09:18:55] <innociv_> What ar eyou talking about?
[09:18:58] <VonGuard> for all players at all times
[09:19:00] <jijiOP> and how is it you know this?
[09:19:03] <VonGuard> you will never run out of money
[09:19:07] <innociv_> What game is this?..
[09:19:10] <VonGuard> i just got back forom  Riuot's p[ress event in SF
[09:19:15] <VonGuard> LoL Dominoiopns
[09:19:16] <innociv_> Oh
[09:19:16] <VonGuard> new map
[09:19:20] <VonGuard> new gameplay style
[09:19:23] <VonGuard> very differnt
[09:19:28] <VonGuard> 5 cap points on map
[09:19:37] <VonGuard> more you cap, more point attrition to other team.
[09:19:42] <VonGuard> point loss equals loss
[09:19:52] <VonGuard> so, everyone starts with 400 points
[09:20:00] <VonGuard> they dwindle based on point captures
[09:20:02] <Joulupukki> what is end of the year in terms of release schedule?
[09:20:05] <VonGuard> control 3 of 5, you are ok
[09:20:10] <jijiOP> ok... so what about project shiny, magma chamber, replays, etc
[09:20:11] <VonGuard> i dunnoe
[09:20:13] <jijiOP> thats what people want
[09:20:17] <VonGuard> they said "playable at PAX:"
[09:20:23] <VonGuard> no real release, but i bet December
[09:20:35] <Joulupukki> quite late
[09:20:35] <VonGuard> instead of balancing champions, they have different items in DOminonm
[09:20:42] <VonGuard> and you start with $1300 and level 3
[09:20:47] <VonGuard> it's gonna be different
[09:20:52] <VonGuard> games last no more than 30 minutes
[09:20:54] <VonGuard> and again
[09:21:02] <VonGuard> as xin, i went 31./12/2 against riot tonight
[09:21:06] <VonGuard> in dominon
[09:21:11] <VonGuard> then 1/10/2 as heimer
[09:21:15] <VonGuard> so it's kinda not balanced
[09:21:21] <VonGuard> i think its heavily balanced ad
[09:21:25] <VonGuard> but they seem tio think not
[09:21:37] <VonGuard> and someoene else went 8/9/10 as heimer fter me
[09:21:44] <VonGuard> also, riot peopel are not used to playing drunk and stoned
[09:21:46] <VonGuard> like we are
[09:21:49] <VonGuard> new concept for them
[09:22:21] <VonGuard> so yeah Ask me anything
[09:22:24] <VonGuard> About Dominion
[09:22:38] <VonGuard> it will be annoucned Thursday, and I am breaking an Embargo telling  you about it
[09:22:44] <Joulupukki> well coming out december or something a ways off
[09:22:47] <VonGuard> i have video
[09:22:54] <Joulupukki> video would be nice
[09:22:59] <VonGuard> it is a ways off
[09:23:13] <jijiOP> well you post a video and we will see... but sounds like a huge troll to me
[09:23:16] <VonGuard> i really cant show you video until thursday
[09:23:25] <VonGuard> lol
[09:23:33] <VonGuard> everyone, ask fatalphone_ am i troll
[09:23:48] <VonGuard> i just gave him a Riot Singed skin code
[09:23:51] <Inschato> Help help there's a crazy man in the channel ban him! Or if he's being truthful ban him anyway and take away his press pass! :p
[09:23:55] <VonGuard> and i got one more, but it is for my boy
[09:24:01] <VonGuard> ok
[09:24:02] <VonGuard> look
[09:24:07] <VonGuard> i got business cards
[09:24:09] <Joulupukki> well there is the problem of things like manga chamber being announced
[09:24:11] <VonGuard> lemme transcode em
[09:24:13] <Joulupukki> and then...not
[09:24:30] <VonGuard> Nick Bee
[09:24:31] <Inschato> Maybe Magma Chamber is coming out on Tuesday, Joulupukki Razz
[09:24:33] <Joulupukki> so people are sceptical
[09:24:34] <jijiOP> well i hope you arent, just i've hear people randomly say a lot of stuff in this channel
[09:24:34] <VonGuard> Event manager
[09:24:39] <VonGuard> 4242311111]
[09:24:45] <VonGuard>
[09:24:52] <VonGuard> colt "Ezreal" Hallam
[09:24:54] <VonGuard> game designer
[09:25:00] <VonGuard> 424-231-1111
[09:25:05] <VonGuard> ok that's their main number i guess
[09:25:14] <VonGuard>
[09:25:15] <Joulupukki> jijiOP well there has been quite a bit of twitter postings from riot about something coming out this week
[09:25:17] <VonGuard> travis george
[09:25:19] <Inschato> ^ Guy is also actually in SF, if that adds credibility Razz
[09:25:23] <VonGuard> senior producer
[09:25:26] <Joulupukki> but if it's just announcing dominion that will come out december
[09:25:26] <VonGuard> dood
[09:25:29] <VonGuard> my name is alex handy
[09:25:31] <VonGuard> google me
[09:25:32] <Joulupukki> it will be quite a let down
[09:25:37] <VonGuard> i wrote about games for 12 years
[09:25:45] <VonGuard> but all the mags i wrote for are now closed
[09:25:53] <Joulupukki> VonGuard I aint doubting you
[09:25:54] <VonGuard> so i write about software dev in enterprises now
[09:25:57] <VonGuard> jabva and shit
[09:26:03] <VonGuard> yah
[09:26:05] <VonGuard> version be bitches
[09:26:13] <jijiOP> yeah something coming out late this year, or riot's soon tm, would be very disappointing
[09:26:14] <VonGuard> srsly, yer getting the shit right from the horses mouth
[09:26:24] <VonGuard> riot is drinking at Kate O'Briens in soma sf right now
[09:26:33] <VonGuard> cause thye got shooooooed out of Temple, where they held their event
[09:26:37] <jijiOP> lol
[09:26:39] <VonGuard> with forty7communications
[09:26:41] <VonGuard> their pr firm
[09:26:49] <VonGuard> i am total game PR event tourist, see
[09:26:53] <VonGuard> i go to them all
[09:26:59] <VonGuard> but this event, i spazzed, HAD to be there
[09:27:15] <VonGuard> love LoL more than any game since dwarf fortress and TF2
[09:27:18] <jijiOP> they show off any new champs? or technology
[09:27:27] <VonGuard> and oh yeah, in case you hadnt noticed riot had an open bar
[09:27:28] <Bainick> mmmm, Dwarf Fortress
[09:27:38] <VonGuard> no new champs, but new summoner abiliteis and items for Dominon only
[09:27:51] <VonGuard> new summoner abilities i wrote in the backscroll
[09:27:54] <VonGuard> new items: no doran
[09:28:03] <VonGuard> only 1300$ replacements for dorans
[09:28:08] <VonGuard> and some nasty lifesteal damage items
[09:28:19] <VonGuard> i got this +60 +20% lifesteal thingas xin
[09:28:22] <VonGuard> it was fucking insane
[09:28:26] <Bainick> ...
[09:28:28] <VonGuard> didnt get phantom dance till the end
[09:28:35] <VonGuard> only dominion though
[09:28:41] <VonGuard> they dont want to balance champs for dominion
[09:28:46] <Inschato> Stack 5 of those? +300 100%? :p
[09:28:47] <VonGuard> cause osme are obv overpoweredcd there
[09:28:51] <VonGuard> i know right
[09:28:56] <VonGuard> i kept asking about balance
[09:29:02] <VonGuard> and referencing mundo on 3v3
[09:29:06] <VonGuard> but they were kinda mum about it
[09:29:15] <VonGuard> sounds like 3 or 4 people are in charge f balance
[09:29:18] <VonGuard> and they are trusted
[09:29:22] <Inschato> If they can do that, they can totally do a ARAM map :p
[09:29:29] <VonGuard> i know right!
[09:29:38] <VonGuard> i was convinced they'd do aram
[09:29:52] <VonGuard> i was talking that withmy buddy, simon who told me about the event and runs GDC
[09:30:02] <VonGuard> i was like "It's gotta be ARAM, thney are announcing ARAM"
[09:30:03] <VonGuard> but no
[09:30:06] <Joulupukki> yea
[09:30:06] <VonGuard> it's basically 2 lanes
[09:30:08] <VonGuard> with a center
[09:30:10] <Joulupukki> that wouldnt even be hard to do
[09:30:10] <VonGuard> a circle
[09:30:13] <VonGuard> with 5 capture points
[09:30:15] <Joulupukki> one lane
[09:30:18] <VonGuard> i know
[09:30:23] <VonGuard> 1 lane aram would be easy
[09:30:24] <Joulupukki> there yo go ARAM done
[09:30:32] <VonGuard> but that would also mean thyey have to balance all the char's for aram
[09:30:35] <VonGuard> and that is not possible
[09:30:37] <jijiOP> well i expect them to announce/do a lot seeing how dota 2 will be at gamescom and beta afterwards
[09:30:38] <VonGuard> sion aram?!
[09:30:45] <Joulupukki> Janna is sick in Aram
[09:30:52] <jijiOP> soo they been holding everything back to help compete
[09:30:57] <VonGuard> i think they are fociusing on making new game varieties in the face of dota 2
[09:31:09] <VonGuard> remember that HoN post a couple weeks ago, about last hitting and denying?
[09:31:14] <VonGuard> it referenced new ideas in MOBAs
[09:31:16] <Joulupukki> yea but dota2 is gonna be shown in few weeks already
[09:31:19] <VonGuard> and franlkly, i think riot read that
[09:31:22] <Joulupukki> and released in few months
[09:31:29] <Joulupukki> and it has like 8 game modes
[09:31:32] <VonGuard> so, riot will be adding gameplay modes that change it up
[09:31:35] <VonGuard> oh?
[09:31:37] <VonGuard> well, we'll see
[09:31:37] <Joulupukki> yea
[09:31:39] <jijiOP> yep
[09:31:40] <VonGuard> i fear learning new meta
[09:31:44] <VonGuard> that's what kills LoL
[09:31:46] <jijiOP> lots of game modes
[09:31:46] <Joulupukki> so this dominion mode
[09:31:51] <VonGuard> go away for 2 weeks, meta completely changes
[09:31:52] <jijiOP> there is i think 8 or 10 maps
[09:31:54] <jijiOP> already
[09:31:54] <Joulupukki> is sounding too little too late
[09:32:00] <VonGuard> i dunno
[09:32:02] <VonGuard> it is different
[09:32:06] <Inschato> You know what they could even do in aram, use their free week catagories and for a team to have 1 tank 3 dps 1 support or w/e
[09:32:10] <VonGuard> as i said, dominion games are 30 max
[09:32:11] <Inschato> force*
[09:32:12] <VonGuard> more like 20 minutes
[09:32:23] <jijiOP> well it sounds cool
[09:32:29] <jijiOP> hopefully it executes well
[09:32:30] <Joulupukki> it's not that dominion doesnt sound cool
[09:32:46] <VonGuard> again, remember, everyone starts level 3 with 1300$ in dominion
[09:32:53] <VonGuard> it is very unbalanced, i gotta say
[09:32:58] <Joulupukki> but LoL has been out for a long time so stuff like this should be coming out a bit faster
[09:33:09] <Joulupukki> and I know there are balancing issues to consider
[09:33:09] <VonGuard> i suck ass at LoL. i am told to uninstall on a daily basis. I went 31/12/2 in Dominion as Xin
[09:33:19] <VonGuard> they have 350 employees too
[09:33:19] <Inschato> $1300 makes your purchase choice obvious. Sapphire, Sapphire, Sapphire
[09:33:25] <VonGuard> its sad they cant push shit out faster
[09:33:27] <VonGuard> but seriously
[09:33:30] <VonGuard> it's about balance
[09:33:35] <VonGuard> they cant add new maps every week
[09:33:40] <VonGuard> the unbalancing is sick
[09:33:45] <VonGuard> remember mundo on 3v3?
[09:33:51] <VonGuard> rebalancing made him useless
[09:34:08] <VonGuard> omg i cant wait till they post the press video from tonight. they interviewed me after my Xin domination
[09:34:11] <VonGuard> and i said all this
[09:34:17] <VonGuard> hope it was not too hardcore
[09:34:24] <VonGuard> again, i am breaking an embargo on this
[09:34:32] <VonGuard> so any doubters, let's get some paypal betting goign on
[09:34:42] <VonGuard> i'll bet $1000 Riot announces this Thursday 6 am PT
[09:34:51] <VonGuard> signe dbet in public channel
[09:35:02] <VonGuard> not a singed bet, then you'd have to chase it
[09:35:11] <Inschato> And have it toss you
[09:35:11] <Joulupukki> what if it goes 6:01?
[09:35:18] <VonGuard> omg 4 jack and cokes, 4 beers, all on riots' dime drunkkkkkkkkkkkk
[09:35:23] <Joulupukki> or 7?
[09:35:35] <VonGuard> you already believe me
[09:35:42] <VonGuard> not taking a bet with you as you'll rules lawyer me
[09:35:57] <VonGuard> so, yeah, dominion is crazy
[09:36:00] <VonGuard> you capture
[09:36:03] <VonGuard> iot's an action
[09:36:08] <VonGuard> you sit there and zap the turret
[09:36:14] <VonGuard> it hits you if you dont cap it
[09:36:25] <VonGuard> like, if yer not involved in capping it directly, it'll hit you
[09:36:32] <VonGuard> but if 1 person is capping it, it attacks no one
[09:36:36] <VonGuard> weird dynamic
[09:36:45] <VonGuard> every strategy that has ever beenc reated is moot in dominion
[09:36:52] <VonGuard> and the funny thing was.... ok
[09:36:58] <VonGuard> here's what Riot thinks of the meta
[09:37:02] <Inschato> Sounds like capping in arathi basin :p
[09:37:04] <VonGuard> they like watching it adapt
[09:37:11] <Inschato> But with shooting
[09:37:17] <VonGuard> they actively laughed about how cool it was watching the meta evolve
[09:37:19] <ScreenShotxx> What Elo is considered BAD ? and what Elo is considered DECENT ? , (just wondering....cuz i want to become a decent player..gotta set a goal
[09:37:28] <VonGuard> i am 700 elo
[09:37:30] <VonGuard> that's bad
[09:37:34] <VonGuard> anythign above 1100 is ok
[09:37:39] <ScreenShotxx> oh
[09:37:41] <VonGuard> so, my team tonight, against riot
[09:37:41] * eoe`d1ablo is now known as d1ablo-offline
[09:37:44] <ScreenShotxx> im 1370 something Very Happy
[09:37:46] <Inschato> 2600 is decent, 9001 is pro
[09:38:07] <VonGuard> leona was 1200 elo, i am 700, and we had an urgot that was 1850 elo
[09:38:07] <ScreenShotxx> troll Smile
[09:38:07] <ScreenShotxx> troll Smile
[09:38:16] <VonGuard> and i dominated
[09:38:21] <Inschato> I lied the highest solo 5v5er right now is 2550 <3
[09:38:33] <ScreenShotxx> Very Happy
[09:38:41] <VonGuard> so, dominion favors weird teams. there is no advantage to vision. you know where evereyone is all game
[09:38:47] <Inschato> on NA that is, EU is slightly lower but obviously it's not comparably
[09:38:56] <VonGuard> and though games are usually 25 minutes, they feel frantic
[09:38:58] <VonGuard> scrambling
[09:39:00] <ScreenShotxx> well i have only played 6-7 matches and won all of em except going to drop soon i guess
[09:39:01] <VonGuard> a perfect term
[09:39:03] <VonGuard> you scramble a lot
[09:39:17] <ScreenShotxx> oh Well Thnx alot for the help = )
[09:39:18] <VonGuard> ScreenShotxx, lucky
[09:39:25] <ScreenShotxx> lol
[09:39:28] <VonGuard> i solo queue ranked and i keep gettign teamed with retards
[09:39:41] <VonGuard> 1370
[09:39:45] <VonGuard> i got that on my SAT's
[09:39:47] <ScreenShotxx> me 2.. i had a leaver in 1 of the games...but still managed to pull it off Razz
[09:39:48] <VonGuard> so, yeah
[09:39:52] <VonGuard> questions on Dominion?
[09:39:59] <ScreenShotxx> bunch of feeders...and stuff :S
[09:40:00] <Inschato> lol shit
[09:40:13] <VonGuard> bwahahaha
[09:40:14] <VonGuard> see?
[09:40:16] <VonGuard> i am not a troll
[09:40:23] <VonGuard> do not say my name if you blog this please
[09:40:26] <VonGuard> PLEASE!
[09:40:36] <VonGuard> just use the info, not the source, PLEASE!
[09:40:45] <Inschato> But if you were a troll and stumbled onto that page which is almost a year old... =P
[09:40:48] <VonGuard> dont be like "a dood came on irc and said riot got him drunk and shit"
[09:40:50] <VonGuard> dood
[09:40:57] <VonGuard> inschato, i be back here in 2 days
[09:41:02] <VonGuard> care to take my bet?
[09:41:10] <ScreenShotxx> lol
[09:41:11] <VonGuard> $1000 Riot annouces this Thursday
[09:41:16] <VonGuard> reguardless of time
[09:41:19] <Inschato> No, because I neither believe or disbelieve you. I'm a patient person
[09:41:26] <VonGuard> ok
[09:41:27] <VonGuard> you see
[09:41:32] <VonGuard> anyway, the meta thing
[09:41:35] <VonGuard> i worry about that
[09:41:38] <VonGuard> like, cant they leave shit?
[09:41:42] <VonGuard> just let shit alone for a while?
[09:41:43] * zombie is now known as Zombie
[09:41:49] <VonGuard> stop nerfing and boosting?
[09:41:57] <VonGuard> they enjoy making people adapt, it seems
[09:41:59] <VonGuard> worrisome
[09:42:07] <VonGuard> ok, i'mma play drunkl
[09:42:11] <VonGuard> anyone wanna play?
[09:42:16] <VonGuard> summoner name "gonna lose"
[09:42:16] <VonGuard> summoner name "gonna lose"
[09:42:21] <VonGuard> i be drunk
[09:42:24] <VonGuard> but sometimes own
[09:43:18] <VonGuard> ok, i go ruin someone's solo queue experience
[09:44:20] <VonGuard> i will return in 2 days to be heralded as the chosen one who prophecized the future!
[09:44:51] <Inschato> lawl, Riot changed lawyers twice in the process of getting that trademark
[09:44:59] <VonGuard> hahaha
[09:45:05] <VonGuard> \they are nothing if not frantic
[09:45:09] <Inschato>
[09:45:12] <VonGuard> this company has grown from 2 guys to 350 in 2 years
[09:45:18] <VonGuard> could you manage that?
[09:45:33] <VonGuard> i couldnt
[09:45:39] <Inschato> I'm neither a people person nor a buisinessman so I wouldn't even try /shrug
[09:50:38] <jijiOP> well considering this wont come out till late this year, i would hope thats not all they announce
[09:50:45] <jijiOP> that would be very disappointing
[09:50:57] <Joulupukki> yea
[09:55:38] <Warty> I want cheetos
[09:55:38] <Warty> =[
[09:55:43] <Warty> Just randomly
[10:05:08] <draco12> cheetos Neutral
[10:07:06] * Warty is now known as ItzWarty
[10:14:43] <Klopsee> something big coming this week? whataya think?
[10:15:14] <Sevenix> think we got it this morning
[10:16:18] <Joulupukki> I do hope it's more
[10:16:41] <Klopsee> what did you get this morning? oO
[10:16:54] <Klopsee> i'm eu... everything here happens 24 later
[10:16:57] <Joulupukki> possible new map&game mode called Dominion
[10:16:59] <Klopsee> like u r from the future
[10:17:11] <Joulupukki> coming later this year
[10:23:51] * d1ablo-offline is now known as eoe`d1ablo
[10:26:35] * p3ntogram is now known as nemysyss
[10:37:41] * mason`oFFline is now known as mason`
[10:38:44] * SchmantFRED is now known as SCHMANTFRED
[10:42:40] * MODUS is now known as modus
[10:43:00] * SCHMANTFRED is now known as SchmantFRED
[10:49:12] * zAjtarNOFF is now known as zAjtarN
[10:52:28] <VonGuard> ok then
[10:52:29] <VonGuard> back
[10:52:31] <VonGuard> aram
[10:52:35] <VonGuard> went 13/14/13 as karth
[10:52:39] <VonGuard> with a leaver

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PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?

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MessagePosté le: Ven 5 Aoû - 01:10 (2011)    Sujet du message: New Mode ? Répondre en citant

Suite à la récente annonce de "League of Legends - Dominion", il peut s'avérer utile de regrouper le maximum d'informations concernant le prochain mode de jeu de LoL. Je tâcherais de mettre le topic à jour au fur et à mesure sachant que le mois d'Août risque d'être chargé en informations !

Dans la Brèche de cristal, les joueurs devront s'affronter pour prendre le contrôle de cinq points de capture et les défendre afin d'endommager le Nexus adverse. La partie se termine lorsqu'une équipe a contrôlé les points suffisamment longtemps pour vider le Nexus ennemi de ses PV. Les combats durent une vingtaine de minutes et font la part belle aux affrontements frénétiques entre joueurs. Si vous aviez envie d'une expérience compétitive, rythmée et bourrée d'action, ce mode est fait pour vous !

Mode de jeu "Dominion"
- Nouveau mode de jeu type capture/défense de points
- Nouvelle map "Crystal Scars" propre à ce mode de jeu
- Il est impossible de bouger/attaquer durant la capture d'un point
- Plus de champions alliés sont présents sur le point, plus sa capture sera rapide
- Tous les joueurs commencent niveau 3
- Tous les joueurs commencent avec 1375 d'or
- Vous augmentez de niveau et obtenez de l'or beaucoup plus rapidement
- L'armure et la résistance magique diffèrent légèrement dans ce mode de jeu
- La capture de points fait perdre de la vie au Nexus adverse
- Une partie dure en moyenne 20 minutes
- Des quêtes (!) apparaissent durant le match, les effectuer infligera des dégâts additionnels au Nexus ennemi
- Un nouveau tableau des scores privilégie les scores individuels
- Il n'y aura pas de parties classées
- La capture d'un point par l'équipe adverse inflige des dégâts à votre Nexus et ce jusqu'à ce que vous le capturiez à votre tour
- La capture d'un point prend entre 4 et 10 secondes (selon le nombre de champions dans la zone)
- Le "Renown system" récompense plus un joueur qui aider son équipe qu'un joueur qui enchaine les kills
- Chaque Nexus débute la partie avec 500 points de vie
- Capturer un point active l'apparition de creeps qui aideront à la capture d'autres points
- Nouveau système de ping et d'annonces

- Nom : Crystal Scar (EN) / Brèche de cristal (FR)
- La map est circulaire (vue aérienne :
- 5 points de capture sont disposés sur la map (le long du "cercle")
- Le centre de la map diffuse des buffs (ex: augmentation de la vitesse de déplacement) nommés "Greater Relics" et obtenus en restant dans la zone un certain temps
- 5 zones à mi-chemin entre les deux précédentes permettent de régénérer rapidement la santé de son champion
- Il n'y a pas de jungle (mais il y a des buissons)

- Certains items (comme la Banshee, les Madreds, les Wards et les Dorans) sont indisponibles dans ce mode de jeu
- D'autres seront exclusifs à ce mode de jeu :
-- Ionic Spark : augmente votre santé ainsi que votre vitesse d'attaque et permet de lancer une attaque à la chaîne ciblant les ennemis proches

Sorts d'invocateurs
- Téléportation et Fortification sont indisponibles dans ce mode de jeu
- A la place, vous disposez de "Promote" (amélioration des creeps) ainsi que de "Garrison" (buff/nerf l'équipe ou tour alliée/adverse)

A noter que le mode Dominion sera jouable à la Gamescom & PAX en Août !

Liens utiles
- Site officiel :
- Trailer :;feature=player_embedded [+]
- Annonce :
- Galerie d'images :


N'hésitez pas à me faire part d'une information que j'aurais loupé et/ou une erreur dans les miennes

04/08/11 - Création du topic & annonce de LoL - Dominion

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